B&A rep v3.jpgThe Behaviour and Attendance Report 2012 for Gateshead Schools is an attempt to bring together a range of data and information about our schools, academies and PRU and the children and young people of Gateshead. It was developed at the behest of the schools who attended the ‘Back on Track’ conference held in March 2010.


The aim of the audit was to provide thought provoking information which would inform future decisions regarding the children and young people of Gateshead and encourage practitioners and policy makers to think differently.


The information provided here by a range of services gives an overview of our children and young people and some of the more specialist services we provide to meet their needs.


The beginning of this report sets out the aims and objectives of the Behaviour and Attendance Partnership as well as providing contextual information about our children and young people taken from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.


The second part of the report provides an overview of the specialist provision provided to meet the needs of some of our more vulnerable children and young people, as well as information around mental health referrals, the Pupil Placement Panel, transfers between schools, transport issues, exclusions and attendance data.


The final section provides information about the use of the Common Assessment Framework.  Download your copy here…



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