Welcome to the School Support and Development Programme provided by educationGateshead and Gateshead Schools.

educationGateshead works with the educational community to deliver high quality and high impact education improvement services.

We focus on the things that make a positive difference…

● Leadership and management
● Effective and creative teaching
● Enjoyable and effective learning
● Assessment and targeted intervention
● Research and evidence based development
● Innovation and best practice
● Sharing experience and developing expertise

We work with, as well as for, the education community…

● By knowing the territory
● By sharing the ambition
● By listening to customers
● By supporting governors, managers and staff to develop their organisations
● By supporting partnership

Although the education landscape continues to change we aim to be a point of stability and quality.

The programme has further evolved this year and I am especially pleased that we can promote the excellent CPD delivered by schools. Over the coming year we will aim to listen even more closely to the needs of schools and through this continue to develop an outstanding programme of CPD. I hope you will find the right CPD to meet your school’s needs; if you don’t please do not hesitate to speak to your link inspector.

The motivation for everything we do is the achievement of the children and young people in your care. Remember that we are much stronger when we work together and educationGateshead is there for you at the heart of our learning community.

Steve Horne
Service Director, Learning and Schools


Download: School Support Development Programme 2015-16 (PDF)

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