Who is it for?: School Nursery and Reception – Teachers, Support Staff and Practitioners in an Early Years setting working with children aged 2-4 years

Venue: Dryden Centre, Gateshead NE9 5UR

Cost: £135/ £165 per person (SLA / non-SLA)

Date: 04 November 2016

Registration from: 8.30am

Running times: 9am-4pm


Mathematics in the Early Years Flyer (PDF)

We are delighted to welcome Mercia Lee to Gateshead.

As an experienced early years teacher, consultant, author and trainer Mercia has a specialism in the teaching and learning of mathematics in the EYFS.

This full day conference will clarify your thinking and give you lots of new ideas and inspiration to enable you to plan exciting and creative mathematical learning opportunities for young children.

Numbers in the EYFS

• Explore the expectations of the numbers strand in the EYFS including the skills involved in counting

• Discuss the importance of tapping into children’s interests and fascinations to motivate their exploration of numbers

• Reflect on the practitioners role in supporting children’s mathematical development

• Consider the potential of collections, stories and rhymes to provide a stimulus for mathematical understanding

Shape, Space and Measures in the EYFS

• Explore the expectations of the shape, space & measures strand in the EYFS

• Discuss the concepts and vocabulary of shape, space, weight, size, distance, time and money

• Reflect on the practitioner’s role in supporting children’s understanding of shape, space & measures, including the importance of creating an environment that encourages exploration and discussion

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