Who is it for?
Heads/Deputies/Senior Leaders

Venue: Dryden Centre, Gateshead NE9 5UR
Cost: £145/£170per person (SLA/non-SLA)
Date: 27 January 2017
Registration: 8.30am
Times: 8.50am-4pm

Assessment continues to be high on the agenda for schools; many are refining their systems so that it becomes a genuine tool for improving progress and practice. This conference combines keynote speakers and workshops delivered by our consultants and leaders from Gateshead schools. Assessment…. together we’ve got it covered!

This conference is designed to balance practical assessment advice with philosophical consideration. With the demands of the revised curriculum and life after levels schools are rightly asking questions about systems, procedures, moderation and reporting. These practical arrangements can dominate school discourse leaving teachers and leaders with little space to question what we are assessing, why and for whom. The event seeks to provide you with that space.

The event will explore:

  • Practical assessment strategies
  • Data collection, triangulation and interpretation
  • Assessment beyond the core
  • Feedback and feed-forward
  • Involving TAs and pupils in the assessment process
  • Alternative assessment methodologies


Keynote Speakers

Julie McGrane is Director of Leading Learning (Education) Ltd, a development and research consultancy committed to helping individuals and organisations develop and innovate by making learning their core business. Having been a teacher and network consultant for the National College for School Leadership, Julie’s clients include individual schools, networks and organisations. Julie observes in schools in a wide variety of capacities and works with them as they innovate in the areas of curriculum, teaching and learning and professional learning. Julie is author of a variety of publications including Engaging Parents Toolkit (2008) and is a visiting fellow at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dominic Martin is Head of School at West Jesmond Primary. He joined the school originally as Deputy Head Teacher in January 2013. Working alongside Executive Headteacher Gary Wallis Clarke, Dominic has helped to steer the school towards an outstanding grade from Ofsted in 2015, as well as National Teaching school status in 2016. Dominic has taught across the primary age range over many years, developing specialisms in curriculum development and assessment. More recently, he has worked widely with other schools to support them in refreshing their assessment systems following national policy changes. He has also spoken at regional events sharing ideas on assessment development and systems, as well working with focus groups, to assist providers, in the development of their own assessment systems.


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