A programme of support and development aimed specifically at key leaders in schools who drive learning and teaching.

Our ultimate aim is that delegates will not only develop their own knowledge and understanding, but bring about real change in their own school.

The programme will consist of three full day sessions with gap tasks in between to be carried out in schools. Colleagues on the programme must be given time and opportunities to carry out these gap tasks which are an essential component of the programme. The programme will be flexible to accommodate the needs of individual schools, whilst also focusing on the key areas listed.

Subject Area: Leadership
Who is it for?: Primary School Leaders
Dates & Times: As stated below
Venue for all sessions: Dryden Centre
Cost: £300/£500 (SLA/Non-SLA)
Refreshments Included: Light lunch, tea or coffee

Session 1 (21 November 2017, 9–4pm)
Headteachers are invited along for the first half an hour to gain an overview of the course and understanding of the impact in school.

  • Analysis of RaiseOnline
  • School Improvement planning
  • Gap Task 1: Identify actions and develop a plan for improvement.

Session 2 (16 January 2018, 9–4pm)

  • Feedback from gap task
  • Lesson observations
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Identifying strengths and areas for development
  • Action planning Gap Task 2: Conduct joint lesson observations. Provide effective feedback to improve teaching and learning.

Session 3 (27 March 2018, 9–4pm)

  • Feedback from gap task
  • Effective marking
  • Carrying out a book scrutiny
  • Progress over time

Headteachers are invited to the last hour to evaluate the impact of the actions taken by the delegates during the programme.

Leading for Impact 2017-18 – Flyer and Booking (PDF)

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