Education Support Service


The Education Support Service is an amalgamation of the Fair Access Support Team, the Primary Behaviour Support Team, School Admissions and the Education Welfare Service. Subsequently additional responsibilities have been undertaken in the area of permanent exclusion and alternative education.

Service features


  • The Service provides support in the areas of:
    • Admissions
      • 1st year of entry (Reception and Y7)
      • In year transfers
      • School consultations and pupil place planing
    • Non-attendance including
      • Enforcement
      • Children Missing Education
      • Work permits/performance licenses
    • Exclusions from school
      • Support for parents and governors including training on the exclusion process
      • Education placements for permanently excluded pupils
      • Education Inclusion Panel (EIP)
    • Fair Access
      • Primary Fair Access Process (FAP)
      • Secondary Fair Access (Pupil Placement Panel-PPP)
    • Elective Home Education
    • Primary Behaviour Support
      • Support for primary aged children who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH)

Key Account Manager

Dr Jeanne Pratt

Education Support Team Manager

0191 433 8644

The majority of the work undertaken by the service is of a statutory nature and is therefore free to schools/academies.

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