Governor Support Service

Dear governor

Please see below a link to our Governor Support Survey for 2018, which will take no longer than a few minutes to complete.

This has been e-mailed to governors, and I would ask schools to make sure any governors without an e-mail address have access to it on this website via a computer in the school.

The survey will close on Friday, 19th August.

Overall answers will be compiled and shared with governors in the Autumn term termly bulletin, and we will use this information to highlight our strengths and to develop the service, so any feedback you can give our service is invaluable.

Please complete the survey in relation to your current clerk.  Clerks will see a summary of answers from their schools, but they will not know which governors or schools have submitted a response, and any individual answers and comments given will be confidential and will only be seen by the Governor Support Manager.

When you get to the end, please press Submit for your answers to be registered.

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