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Gateshead Governor Support – Training Calendar 2018-19

Gateshead Governor Support – Training Directory 2018-19


Governor Support Training Calendar 2017-18

Governor Support Training Directory 2017-18


Summer term courses 2018

Date Time Title
19/04/18 18:00-19:30 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
26/04/18 17:00-18:30 Physical Education and School Sport
03/05/18 13:30-18:30 Taking the Chair
09/05/18 10:00-12:00 Supporting & Challenging the School
21/05/18 10:00-15:30 Induction – Being a Good Governor
11/06/18 16:30-18:00 School Funding and Managing the Budget Effectively
19/06/18 17:30-19:30 Monitoring & Evaluation
20/06/18 18:00-19:30 Exclusions Guidance and Training
27/06/18 16:30-18:00 Being Ofsted Ready
03/07/18 18:00-19:00 The Process of Performance Management
12/07/18 18:00-19:30 HR – What Governors Need to Know


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Content – To ensure governors have an understanding of the new regulation, and what schools need to do next to comply with it.

Who is it for? – All governors.

Physical Education and School Sport

Content – An overview of Physical Education and School Sport, with a focus on the PE and Sport Premium and how to use it.

Who is it for? – All governors.

Taking the Chair

Content – What makes an effective chair and the importance of the role in supporting an effective governing body.

Who is it for? –  Any governor wishing to progress to chair, vice chair and in preparation for succession planning

Supporting & Challenging the School

Content – To understand the need for challenge and consider how to improve challenge within the governing body.  This session will assist governors in fulfilling their role in holding the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to account, whilst ensuring the balance of supporting them as well.

Who is it for? – All governors.

Induction – Being a Good Governor

Content – To examine the core functions of the governing body, the key roles and responsibilities of governors. and the strategic role of a governor.  The session also offers governors the chance to meet other governors and ask questions.

Who is it for? – This session is for new governors, but those who have been in post longer and wish to have refresher training will also find it useful.

School Funding and Managing the Budget Effectively

Content – To enable governors to obtain a greater understanding of the finance process involved in the school’s budget, to ensure that the governing body are effectively managing the school’s resources and ensuring value for money.

Who is it for? – All governors on the Resources (Finance) committee.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Content – To understand the monitoring role of a governor, including the areas governors should be monitoring and how this might be done (i.e. via link governors or visits to the school).  The session looks at effective evaluation and the links to school improvement.

Who is it for? – All governors.

Exclusions Guidance and Training

Content – A practical session to assist governors to understand the legislation covering permanent and fixed term exclusions and the governing body’s responsibility to form a panel to consider exclusions.

Who is it for? – All governors.

Being Ofsted Ready

Content – Practical ways to assist governors preparing for an Ofsted inspection, including the interview and an overview of the framework and inspection process.

Who is it for? – All governors, particularly those of schools who may be inspected in the next year.

The Process of Performance Management

Content – To understand the process of carrying out the Headteacher’s Performance Management.

Who is it for? – Governors on the Headteacher’s Performance Management committee.

HR – What Governors Need to Know

Content – The aim of the session is to assist governors to play an effective part in the leadership and management of their school, and to give them an understanding of their responsibilities, by providing an overview of the key HR policies and procedures.  These include disciplinary, capability, grievance, redundancy, handling allegations and absence management, and performance related pay.

Who is it for? – All governors, particularly those who have attended the course on The Process of Performance Management.


To book onto any training courses, please contact John Finch at with the name of your school at which you are a governor, and the course(s) that you would like to book onto.

All training courses take place in rooms at the Dryden Centre, Evistones Road, Low Fell, NE9 5UR.  Training rooms for courses will be shown on the main screen when you walk into the reception area on the day of the course, and there is a map attached below that will tell you where the room is if you haven’t visited the Dryden Centre before.

Dryden Centre Floor Plan

There is also a map below showing visitors how to get to the Dryden Centre.


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