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Leading for Impact 2017-18

A programme of support and development aimed specifically at key leaders in schools who drive learning and teaching. Our ultimate aim is that delegates will not only develop their own knowledge and understanding, but bring about real change in their own school. The...

Early Talk Boost – 17 May 2017

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention, delivered by a trained early years practitioner to a group of up to eight children aged 3-4 years old that have delayed language development. The intervention boosts their language skills helping to narrow the gap between...

Formality and Greater Depth Writing – April 25 2017

This session offers Year 6 teachers the opportunity to look at examples of writing from the STA. The samples have been judged to meet the Greater Depth Standard. The focus of the session will be on identifying shift in formality and aims to help Year 6 teachers to...

Location Literacy – April 5th 2017

Primary This session considers opportunities for teaching and learning within the school grounds, using the outside space both as a place and context for experiential learning. With a mix of ideas and practical activities we will look at different aspects of literacy,...

A shed-load of…New CPD Opportunities

Check out a whole new range of CPD opportunities from educationGateshead for this May - Computing, Assessment, Leadership, Literacy, Whole School, NQTs... What's On / CPD - Spring 2017

Happy New Year!

So...a new year is upon us. We look forward to working with you all.

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