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Congratulations on securing your first teaching post. We hope that you will enjoy working in Gateshead. We are sure you will find it an exciting and forward thinking place to work and develop your teaching career. We’re here to help make your first teaching year an unqualified success. We hope you find the information on this website useful and timely. If we can help in any way….please do contact us!

Gateshead LA acts as “the Appropriate body” during your NQT induction year and we are delighted to offer you a variety of training experiences and opportunities to enhance your learning. We will carry out all of the “official stuff” such as the range of administration forms and quality assurance to ensure you are getting the induction support that you deserve.

We can offer three individual training progammes for NQTs

  • Primary / Special NQT Programme
  • Early Years NQT Programme
  • Secondary – A flexible package to support the NQT Induction Year. This can be designed to meet the requirements of individual schools.

What do I need to have?
You need to have to have been awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to begin your induction period. This also includes having passed all three Skills Tests, if they have trained in England – those who trained in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are exempt from having to take the Skills Tests

Did you know?
You must register as an NQT within three weeks of starting in school – if you forget this will delay your induction until the day your completed Registration Form is received.

NQT Programme 2017-2018

Newly Qualified Teacher Programme

This is an exciting programme, designed following consultation with Headteacher colleagues. The aim is to provide newly qualified teachers with a welcome and introduction to the Gateshead learning community; develop them as reflective practitioners and provide support to school mentors.

Network Meetings and School Visits

The core of the programme is a half termly teaching and learning network twilight, facilitated by an educationGateshead consultant or inspector.

These meetings will be responsive to emerging needs identified by NQTs and their mentors and will also offer the opportunity for themed school visits.

These networks will be phase based (EYFS, KS1 or KS2) and will provide opportunities for NQTs to meet regularly with colleagues teaching within the same phase in school. These networks will be led by a facilitator who will challenge the group to become reflective practitioners, sharing practice and developing a professional dialogue. Each half term there will be opportunities for network teams to visit schools to look at good and outstanding teaching and learning practice. All visits will be supported by the network facilitator and opportunities for reflection and discussion will be built into the visit.

Central Courses

There will also be an offer of the more traditional centrally delivered courses which will run across the year, offered as half or full days. Sessions offered will include the following:

  • Essential safeguarding
  • Improving behaviour
  • Supporting children with SEN
  • Working with parents
  • Accelerated thinking and learning


Mentor Support

Support for mentors will be provided through an initial meeting and then a further session will be offered for mentors to provide feedback and identify emerging needs that can be addressed through networks.
Ongoing support for mentors will be offered throughout the year.



Key Contact

Melanie Maitland

LA NQT Induction Co-ordinator

0191 433 8622

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