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Academic Year 2017-2018

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The Gateshead school performance monitoring team provides robust reports and information for a variety of audiences: school leaders; governors; link inspectors; Gateshead’s Oversight and Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet; and the local press.

We use a number of data sources. As a member of the National Consortium for Examination Reporting (NCER) we use the data the consortium supplies, and their software services, to produce early reports on key performance indicators at all Key Stages along with our own bespoke reports. Other data sources include: returns provided by schools; the DfE’s ‘Analyse School Performance’ reports; the Department for Education’s statistical releases; Fischer Family Trust’s analyses; Ofsted’s ‘Inspection Data Summary Reports’; and Acorn demographic data.

We routinely download sets of performance data when they are released and store them in our own data base so that we can interrogate the data for our own research purposes when questions arise.

Jon Ward

School Performance Data Adviser

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0191 433 8607


Ofsted Results

  • 36% Outstanding Primary schools (This includes primary special schools)
  • 94% Good and Outstanding Primary schools

KS1 Results

  • 78% EXS+ in Reading       National Average = 75%
  • 72% EXS+ in Writing        National Average =70%
  • 77% EXS+ in Maths          National Average =76%
  • 83% EXS+ in Science        National Average =83%

KS4 Results

  • Average Attainment 8 score 46.2,  = 1st in North East region, 2nd among statistical neighbours and above national average of 44.5.

KS2 Results

  • 70% reached the expected standard in Reading, writing and maths, which is top amongst our statistical neighbours =19th in England. National average is 65%. Data Tables – as of June 2019

courtesy of – these tables will be updated regularly

Primary and Secondary - % Pupils - North East

Primary - % Pupils - North East

Secondary - % Pupils - North East

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